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Purchasing a Private Island

The process is often more complicated than buying a house and requires more anecdotal information. You can’t enter into a sale lightly, and it’s important to gather as many details as possible.

First, how big would you like your island to be? As a general rule of thumb, the larger the island, the higher the price, predictably. Small islands up to 12 acres can accommodate a small holiday house. Medium islands may house you and a few friends in cottages and should be between 12 and 24 acres. Large islands will be best suited for small resorts and require at least 24 acres.  Make sure you have enough flat land to build on. Keep in mind that you will pay around 30% more for development on an island due to the shipping of supplies and labor.

Another factor that will affect the price is how accessible the nearest airports and villages are. These provide supplies and transport to the island. Remote islands will be cheaper and will offer more privacy, but convenience will be compromised greatly, as will good weather and calm seas.

Climate is next on the agenda. Mediterranean climates feature high temperatures with low rainfall. This will serve you much better than humid tropical climates or cooler weather. Ask local fishermen what typical weather is like. You can never assume that the day-to-day weather is consistent with what you will encounter during you visit.

Last, but far from least, you must hire caretakers to protect your island. At least one full-time caretaker (although it’s best to hire a few) is needed to patch up damage from storms, tend to your garden and ward off intruders. They will be your eyes, ears and hands while you are away. They can also make sure your custom walk-in humidor is properly maintained and ready with the finest premium cigars for when you visit.

Now, all you have to do is find a broker and begin the search for your perfect paradise. And don’t forget to ask the locals questions; after all, they know best.

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